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My name is Heidi. 23 years old.
I love to draw and I love my sister. (She has a deviant page too. TiffanyEtch-A-Sketch) I like to think I taught her all I knew about art… but she flies on her own now. So now she is my rival. (Heh Heh)

I’ve done art for plenty of years and have a build-up of a portfolio. My first goal is to get all of it prepped for uploading to the site. Most of it is drawings in a cartoony style. I used to do realism with either graphite or paints but switched to stylized cartoons for variety.
For a while I’m going to be slow going with posting art but I hope to pick up speed after I get my stolen portfolio back, that’s my second goal. And if anyone is wondering, I do not take commissions. I find it hard to draw for other people on demand. I rather draw for someone as a surprise.

I have lots of interests but for the sake of relevance, the only thing important enough to mention on here is my love and fascination for Star Wars; trilogy, prequels, and the clone wars – you name it, I love it all. It gives me ample ideas for drawing all the time. And on top of that mess I should mention I’m a diehard Anakin & Padmé Fan. They’re my biggest weakness. For many reasons, I just have a huge attraction to them, which is probably why my first picture I’ll be posting will be of them.
I also have a secondary hobby which is collecting art of Anakin and Padmé. I have a huge collection and it’s constantly building. If you have any un-posted drawings, paintings, Sketch Cards or anything featuring Anakin and Padmé, I would love to see it. <3 I can’t help myself.
Anidala - Stamp by TiffanyEtch-A-Sketch

I opened up a tumblr account for posting A+P art done by other artists.
Check it out :pointr: kazaikos :iconpinklilyplz:
And this is my personal art tumblr :pointr: Tryphosa20


:iconlovebottleplz: My VERY Ambitious Goal :iconlovebottleplz:

To draw Anakin + Padme together using every cannon Padme outfit imagined, and in the attempt, draw every cannon Anakin outfit imagined.

*Some gown names taken from The Padawan’s Guide and The Moons of Iego

:devart: So Far :iconkittydividerplz::iconkittydivider2plz::iconkittydivider3plz::iconkittydivider4plz::iconkittydividerredplz:
    :star: Posted:
      TCW – Ep. 3 Burgundy Velvet, Ep I – Mongolian Senate, Ep I – Handmaiden Flame, Ep III – Aqua Georgette, TCW – Ep. 2 Loyalist Committee, TCW - Scuba Suit, Ep III - Mustard Green Cloak, Ep I - Silver Kimono Gown, TCW - Destroy Malevolence Battle Suit, Ep III - Dark Navy Linen, TCW - Red Speed-chase (Reek Hair) Ep II - Morning Coat with Nightdress, TCW - Purple Shadow Virus Leisure, Ep II - Varykino Lake Gown, Ep II - White Battle Suit, CW - Snow Bunny, TCW - Ep. 1 Battle Gown, Ep 2 - Picnic Gown

    :star-half: In Progress: Ep III - Crescent Moon Senate Gown, Ep III - Peacock Gown

      :star-empty: Only Drawn:

        TCW – Green V Neck, Ep III – Leia Buns, TCW – Beige Alderaan, Ep II – Refugee Disguise (Metal Helmet) (Cloth Headress), Ep II – White Battle Suite, TCW – Mickey Mouse Headdress, Ep III – Steel Blue Nightgown, TCW - Destroy Malevolence Battle Suit, TCW - Ep.3 Crescent Moon Purple Gown, Ep I – Battle Gown, Ep III - Black Shawl Gown, Ep III - Peacock Gown, TCW - Court Trial Defendant, Ep II - Tatooine Travel Cloak, Ep III - Crescent Moon Senate Gown


    My Complete List of Padme Gowns (So Far) :heart:

      Episode I
        Red Invasion ❑ , Black Feather Decoy ❑, Handmaiden Flame ☑, Qui-gon’s Funeral ❑, Peasant ❑, Silver Kimono Gown ☑, Mongolian Senate ☑(w/ black cloak ☑), Black Coruscant ❑, Sabe Battle ❑, Handmaiden Battle ☑, Parade Gown ❑
      Episode II
        Corde Death ❑, Pilot Disguise ❑, Deleted Senate ❑, Loyalist Committee Gown ❑, Coruscant Nightgown ❑, Packing Gown ❑, Refugee Disguise (Metal Headdress/Cloth Headress) ☑, Family Visit ❑ (w/ robe ❑) Varykino Lake Gown ☑, Picnic Gown ☑, Black Corset ❑ (w/ Feather Boa ❑), Morning Coat with Nightdress ☑, Light Blue Midriff ❑ (w/ Tatooine Travel Cloak ☑), Tatooine "Poncho" ❑, White Battle Suit ☑ (Arabian Headdress ❑), Wedding ❑
      Clone Wars (CW) *Includes the comic book gowns
        Purple Crosshatch Corset ❑, Swirly Loyalist Committee ❑, Snow Bunny ☑, Alley Cloak ❑, Silk Blue Angel ❑, Red Cloak Anakin Scar ❑, Courscant Attack Peacock ❑, Black Spy ❑, Spy Mission Dress ❑, Vampira Gown ❑, Red Swirly Loyalist Committee with 2 ponytails ❑
      The Clone Wars (TCW)
        Mickey Mouse Headdress ☑, Ep. 2 White Battle Suit ❑ (w/ White or Purple Headdress ❑) Modified Ep.2 Loyalist Committee ☑, Destroy Malevolence Battle Suit ☑, Purple Shadow Virus Leisure ☑, Hazmat Suit ❑, Senate Spy Gown ❑, Green or White V Neck ☑, Raxus Orange ❑, Ep.3 Crescent Moon Purple Gown ☑, Beige Alderaan ☑, Red Speed-chase (Reek Hair) ☑, Scuba Suit ☑, Ep. 3 Burgundy Velvet ☑, Ep. 1 Battle Gown ☑, Ep. 2 Modified Black Corset ❑, Ep. 3 Tan Battle Dress ❑, Court Trial Defendant ☑
      The Clone Wars Webcomic (Katie Cook Designs)
        Light Blue Lace Sleeves ❑, Pale Purple Bodysuit Dress ❑, Red/Black Rodian Interview ❑
      Episode III
        Leia Buns ☑, Steel Blue Nightgown ☑, Burgundy Velvet ❑, Dark Navy Linen ☑ w/ Shawl ❑, Mustard Green Cloak ☑, Aqua Georgette ☑, Crescent Moon Senate Gown ☑, Peacock Gown ☑, Dressing Gown with Robe ❑, Tan Battle Dress ❑, Hospital ❑, Funeral Dress ❑
      Other (GN - Graphic Novel)
        Stain Glass with Leia (GN) ❑, Stain Glass with Vader (Erik Maell Card) ❑, Palace Peasant Living ❑, Industrial Padme Hologram (GN) ❑ • Vader’s Lost Command (GN) Anakin Fantasy - White Pregnancy Dress ❑, Anakin Fantasy – Chancellor Amidala ❑, Anakin Fantasy - Purple V Neck ❑ • Titan Clone Wars Comic Tanya Roberts – In Triplicate ❑, Tanya Roberts – Fashion ❑, Andres Ponce - Power Down ❑, Will Sliney - The Fear Architects ❑ • Obsession (GN) Nighttime Lake Retreat ❑, Yellow Morning Robe ❑

    (1) 16 - Anakin and Padme by TiffanyEtch-A-Sketch (2) 10 - Sam and  Quorra by TiffanyEtch-A-Sketch  (3) 5 - Yori and Tron by TiffanyEtch-A-Sketch 

    (4) 14 - Edward and Jane by TiffanyEtch-A-Sketch (5) 11 - Cleopatra and Julius by TiffanyEtch-A-Sketch (6) 13 - Eve and Wall-e by TiffanyEtch-A-Sketch

    (7) 3 - Shego and Drakken by TiffanyEtch-A-Sketch (8) 9 - Belle and Adam by TiffanyEtch-A-Sketch (9) 8 - Serena and Darien by TiffanyEtch-A-Sketch 

    (10) 6 - Katsuya and Kyoko by TiffanyEtch-A-Sketch (11) 12 - Andy and Lori by TiffanyEtch-A-Sketch  (12) 15 - Ben and Mo by TiffanyEtch-A-Sketch

    (13) 1-Sesshomaru and Rin by TiffanyEtch-A-Sketch  (14) 7 - Bella and John by TiffanyEtch-A-Sketch (15)  2-Aiko and Lela by TiffanyEtch-A-Sketch 

    (16) 4-Jane and Thor by TiffanyEtch-A-Sketch (17) Heidi and Sam by Tryphosa20

    CSS credit goes to:
    Stock: Dragoroth-stock, little-spacey, mimose-stock, Dralliance-Stock, Dracoart-Stock, gaiastock, CAStock
    Brushes: MouritsaDA-Stock
    Coding & graphics: kuschelirmel-stock

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